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About Gospel Voice International

Our Mission

  Gospel Voice International exists to facilitate the united efforts of many of God's children and their collective resources toward proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost and hurting of our world. Many have watched as GVI has steadily grown into an unrelenting and passionate driver to see this prophetic vision accomplished. More than just “meeting a need”, we want to strengthen and empower the body of Christ to accomplish what we all have been commissioned to do.

 The gospel of Jesus Christ is moving forward in tremendous strides across the globe, but there is still so much more to do. That is what Gospel Voice International is about. We are an apostalic ministry doing what we can do to be the hands and feet -and VOICE of our loving Savior to those who need Him most. With a strong church network and street children ministry in the Republic of Uganda, a church and outreach center in Pakistan, and a central base in the United States of America, Gospel Voice International ministries is forwarding the work of Christ to the nations.

Gospel Voice's Leadership

Gospel Voice United States
Robert and Lizie Hunt
Gospel Voice’s founding directors, Robert and Lizie Hunt, live in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Metro area along with their three children. They have a strong evangelistic and apostolic calling to teach, equip, and serve, both locally and internationally. They are driven by an urgent desire to see the nations reached, especially the 10/40 window and those in the most urgent need of help and hope. God bless you, and please partner with us in prayer.

Gospel Voice Uganda
Evangelist Joseph Aribariho
Gospel Voice International Ministries in Uganda is directed by Evangelist Joseph Aribariho. Joseph is the regional director of several chruches as well as an abandoned children ministry, and he is the pastor of Gospel Voice Kabwohe, Uganda, a large and growing congregation of believers in the Mbarara area of Uganda. read more

Gospel Voice Pakistan
Pastor Rafiq Masih
Gospel Voice Pakistan is lead by Pastor Rafiq Masih. Rafiq is the outreach facilitator and director of minstries as well as pastor of Gospel Voice Pakistan, a large and growing congregation of believers in the Lahore area of Pakistan. read more

Contact Us

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Thank you and God bless you!