Gospel Voice International - Going into All the World

Although Gospel Voice International has no paid staff and takes care of it's own administration costs and is mostly self-supported and self funded in ministry, we welcome your partnership in our work for our Lord. Please know that if you wish to donate to us, your gift will go 100% towards expanding the existing ministries that are doing so much to forward the gospel of Christ, as well as to pioneer new ministries.

Currently, financial resources are welcomed in the following areas:

Uganda: The land has been aquired for building the church and orphanage, we are standing in faith for the building materials and labor supplied to move forward in the name of Jesus. Additional funding is also needed for supplying tuition, food, and medical needs of the children as well as for the welcoming in of additional children. Partner with us in prayer and in support.

Pakistan: There are other locations / homeless church bodies in Lahore that Gospel Voice Intl' has the opportunity to expand into and provide support for the Christians in those areas. These areas are high-poverty areas where many resources are needed for gathering, outreach and support. We have a constant need for Bibles, as well as provisions for food and other various domestic support services.

Exapansions to more locations: Gospel Voice International is praying about and exploring possible expansions into several more countries in South America, West Africa, Israel, East Europe, Thailand, the Philipines, and perhaps more will be added to this list as time goes by. Obviously we would love to welcome all of these new horizons into our scope of ministry but we are taking it one step at a time. Please pray with us and partner with us as we seek to strengthen and enable God's work in these regions.

Remember, he who sows abundantly will reap abundantly. Not that we speak in regards to need or lack, for we have learned the secret to being content in whatever state we are. I only ask so that fruit may abound to your account. Please partner in prayer with this ministry so you too can make a difference, in Jesus' name.