Uganda For Jesus

Kabwohe is a small town situated in the western part of the country of Uganda. Uganda is located in central Africa on the northern border of lake Victoria. Although the economical climat of Uganda has improved in recent years, Uganda is still one of the poorest nations in the world. The GDP of Uganda is $675 PP. In recent years, 38% of the population lived on less than $1.25 a day. The poverty that stems from war and political instability have taken their toll on the proud population of Uganda, but in spite of this, Christiany has taken root and continues to grow.

Evangelist Joseph Aribariho, pastor of Gospel Voice International's Church and Support Center located in Kabwohe, has officially started construction as of July 2016. The church and orphanage are both founded, established, and lead by Joseph. josephTemporarily, the church is meeting at a rented hall as they have been for several months now for this young church. There are around 100 believers that attend, and growth is steadily happening. The orphanage and child support center has nearly 30 children, many of which live directly with Joseph as he feeds them and pays for their schooling.

"My food is their food, they are my family. I want to help them because I was there myself." says Joseph as he tells his testimony.
Street children in Uganda are an epidemic, there are far too many. Most are orphaned, many merely have parents that could not afford to support them anymore and sent them to the streets to fend for themselves, sleeping in the open and foraging for food or begging. Joseph's ministry takes them in and raises them with the parental love every child should have.

“The children need to get some sort of education or trade to live a healthy life, staying off of the street. God's love can transform them!

Joseph is a kingdom worker, pastoring his young and growing church, raising his many adopted children, preaching and teaching the word at tent crusades on a regular basis, feeding, praying for many, and fanning the flame of revival throughout the region.

Joseph's story begins when he was five years old, when he was first abandoned out on the street alone to live and fend for himself. Joseph uganda picture He grew up on the streets, living the life of a lost and hopeless soul. When he was twenty years old, Joseph heard a voice tell him to go to a crusade that was held in his town and give his life to the Lord, and to not wait!

“God is so good! If we just trust in Him, He will show Himself faithful every time. Believe God for the impossible!”

When Joseph walked into the crusade and sat down to listen to the message, the preacher didn't talk long before stopping and saying "there is someone in here that the Lord has told his that he needs to give his life to Him and NOT WAIT, you must do it now!" Joseph knew right away that it was God drawing him to Himself. That night Joseph received the Lord as His savior and has been living in the radical life of God ever since.

Gospel Voice International Uganda is in the process of purchasing land and building on it the new Gospel Voice International church and outreach center in Uganda. The center will be a home base for the work God is doing through Joseph, and many others throughout the area. There is a move of God in Uganda, and Pastor Joseph is providing the hands and feet for it to happen. Praise the Lord!

If you would like join us in sowing a seed into fertile soil over in Uganda, please consider sending a financial gift today, with the note “uganda”. 100% of funds go straight to the ministry in Uganda. Let's get this building built, amen!
God bless you!
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